Top 5 Signs of Affiliate Marketing Scams

Scam alert.

There are too many affiliate marketing scams out there. And it’s very easy for someone who is new to the industry to fall prey to them.

While affiliate marketing itself is totally legit and it’s only growing, there are many individuals trying to take advantage of ordinary folks starting their way in the online world.

You don’t wanna start from being scammed out of your money and wasting your time on something that can’t ever work out.

And there are some particular signs of such scams which should serve you as red flags. Let us see what they are.

Get rich fast schemes

Get Rich fast scheme.

You probably already have seen a lot of offers telling you that you can get rich by the end of this week or something.

They show you some impressive screenshots, where you see ridiculous amounts of payments they’re receiving.

They tell you that you don’t have to have any experience in internet marketing and it doesn’t matter if you ever held a mouse in your hand, and that you can too have those ridiculous amounts of money pouring into your bank account in a matter of days.

I have said that a lot already, but it’s never too much to be reminded about it:

There is no such thing as fast and easy money. You can’t get rich fast, period.

You should always remember that in order to get people pay you, you wanna bring value to them.

And such programs don’t give you any valuable information at all. All they do is excite you to the point of drooling and willing to give them away your money.

They are just tricking with your mind, playing on your deepest desires to be free and do whatever you want with your life.

Those are just empty promises, that never come true.

Legitimate successful businesses are never built in a matter of days.

It may seem from outside that some successes appear out of nowhere, overnight.

But they are always products of hard work, although this work should feel as fun.

If you get to the point where your vision literally pulls you towards it, you will break through whatever obstacles appear before you.

And the time you will have spent on this won’t matter to you. You will get what you want.

Is there any value offered?

You should also check if there is any actual product offered. It might be a training of some sort, or some physical product.

But if it is only training you to invite people in this program, it’s a pyramid scheme, where only the top affiliates and the owners themselves earn any considerable amounts of money.

And it is also illegal.

You don’t wanna be involved in it.

Sure you can earn some money with it, but why would you want to get people into a thing which eventually turns out to be a total waste of time and money for them?

Why would you want to waste time and money yourself?

There is nothing valuable you will get from such programs, except the knowledge that you don’t wanna do that again.

Upsell funnels

Selling to be continued.

There are programs that sell you some incomplete product just to get you in and then upsell you with a bunch of products that are never complete by themselves.

They will tell you that surely enough what you have bought is good, but if you want to use it to the fullest potential you simply must buy this another product.

And they do it again and again.

These upsell funnels are designed to suck in as much money from people as possible.

A legitimate program is something that is valuable on its own, without the necessity to buy something else to complete it.

It’s not the upsells themselves that is a scam.

It’s a common practice in internet marketing.

But you should be able to use what you have bought without having to buy something else.

When they tell you that you MUST buy another product in order to be able to use what you have already bought, that is a scam.

High ticket products

A high ticket product is something that costs a lot and that promises you a lot.

Well, there are lots of valuable products out there that cost much.

But they are for people that can afford themselves spending such money.

You should always do your research on the company that offers you high ticket opportunities.

And if there is no well-known name behind it, beware.

And of course, you should always consider your budget.

You don’t wanna buy something like this and then spend next half a year having only water and bread to eat.

Some companies even would go as far as convincing you that if you don’t have enough money to buy their product you wanna get a loan somewhere and buy it.

You don’t wanna do that.

There are affiliate business platforms out there which will teach you how to start your own business online for free.

Low value training

There are many individuals that will try to sell their e-book, a course or a training.

But you wanna do your research first.

Google it, in many cases such trainings will turn out to be of no value at all.

They are just rip-offs.

And if they don’t offer you something for free first, it’s a big red flag for you.

Chances are they are just after your money.

Do your own research

You should always do your own research.

Google everything you are offered.

Don’t only search for the name of the affiliate program, search also such variations like “[program name] review”, or “[program name] scam”.

If it’s a scam you will more than likely find it out on Google.

Of course there might be some bad reviews on a particular affiliate program.

But when there are many of them, you probably should search for something else.

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